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Since it's inception, Swan Pest Management has dedicated it's efforts towards creating environments that are not only pest free, fresh and clean, but also environmentally friendly. Our services are designed specifically for Western Australian conditions, catering to the specific needs of both the largest corporation and small business.


Advanced Technology

Scientifically developed, and available only to professional pest managers, the system we employ is the latest technology to arise from years of research into environmentally sensitive cockroach control.

No longer is spraying required. Instead, cockroaches are controlled by the accurate placement of a specifically developed gel into areas inhabited by cockroaches.


How it works

Once the gel is applied, cockroaches feed on the gel and die within hours. Within a few days the number of cockroaches should be dramatically reduced. However, what makes the system so impressive is the effect it has on those cockroaches which are so difficult to control with conventional methods.

The gel system utilisies natural cockroach behaviour to transfer the product from contaminated cockroaches to the hidden cockroaches. This transfer of product produces a 'cascade' effect ensuring that almost total eradication is achieved. 

Never before has there been a system that so effectively controls cockroaches.


A Convenient System

Apart from being the most effective system for controlling cockroaches, the gel system saves you from having to empty cupboards, shelves, store rooms, etc. There is no smell, no mess and treatment can be conducted at any time of the day. Application does not require you to leave the premises nor does it interfere with your normal activities.

It can be applied almost anywehere cockroaches can be found, including sensitive areas and around electrical equipment.


A Better System

Most importantly of all, there is no concern for staff or clientele. This is because the gel system utilises only very small spots of gel, applied in hidden, difficult to reach places.

If your concerned about using sprays indoors to control cockroaches, the gel system provides the most effective answer!


For more information on Pest Management, please contact Vicky on (08) 9248 6888.


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